One of the biggest myths in the motoring world is that log book servicing can only be carried out by the original dealer if you wish to protect your warranty. It’s just not true!

If you’re looking for log book servicing in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast, you can go elsewhere, so long as the technicians are properly qualified. You’ll get the same detailed service – if not better – and you’ll probably pay a lot less. This is because a service workshop generally has lower overheads than a dealership.

Replacement Car Log Book

The rules changed back in 2014 when the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) lodged a submission with the ACCC for car owners to get their vehicles serviced by independent repairers. This was approved, providing the repairer used ‘appropriate quality’ parts and qualified technicians.

This was a victory for not only car repairers but also for the Australian driver, who now had more options available for log book servicing, including getting a replacement car log book.

This move has certainly improved the log book service on the Sunshine Coast, enabling drivers to save money whilst knowing they are receiving outstanding service. This is especially true if you own a European vehicle, as your technician needs to be specifically trained in that area.

Log Book Service Sunshine Coast

Did you know that many car dealers make more money AFTER the vehicle has been sold? I’m referring to the buying of parts, servicing and repairs; it’s easy repeat business. Management consultants Deloitte say this income offsets ‘the profitability drains commonly experienced in the (new and used) vehicle departments’.

Log book servicing in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast has another great benefit; it will actually increase the value of your vehicle. A car without a log book can be seen as a risky buy so you will never achieve a good price if you resell it. A detailed service history gives a potential buyer confidence.