There is no denying that Mercedes Benz produces some of the most stunning and desirable cars on the Sunshine Coast and the rest of the world. Not only do their cars look fantastic, but their vehicles also offer smooth performance when well-maintained.

Of course, the operative word here is “well-maintained”. Like with other luxury cars, vehicles from Mercedes Benz require thorough maintenance at a car service centre so that you and your family enjoy a comfortable ride every time.

Generally, you’ll want to bring your Mercedes to a respected auto care centre on the Sunshine Coast, like SVS Autocare, every year for general maintenance. However, there may be times when you need to bring your car over earlier than that. If you notice any of the following signs, it may be time to schedule a maintenance check-up soon:


Red Fluid Pooling in Your Garage

Older Mercedes Benz vehicles tend to experience transmission leaks as they get up there in years. This issue can easily be identified since you will notice the red transmission fluid pooling in your garage. In many cases, this points to a faulty transmission pan seal. An experienced mechanic can easily replace the seal and top up your transmission fluid levels to help your car stay in gear on steep inclines.

Uneven Tread Wear on Your Tyre

The amount of tread on your tyres is directly related to how well your car clings to the road, especially during slippery driving conditions. Tyre tread is designed to wear out evenly, but issues with wheel alignment may cause a certain tyre to wear out faster than the rest. Many Mercedes service centres are equipped with technology that allows them to assess the alignment of your wheels using special diagnostic equipment and adjust them accordingly.

Rattling Noises from The Engine

Some Mercedes Benz models will produce a rattling noise upon firing up the engine, especially in colder weather. This rattling typically only lasts about fifteen seconds after starting your engine. If the rattling noise continues well past that, there may be an issue with your water pump pulley, which may lead to frequent overheating. Having this issue repaired can easily lead to increased performance and efficiency from your engine.

If your Mercedes Benz is showing any of these signs, bring it in to SVS Autocare so we can give it the care it needs.