Wheel alignment is one of those vehicle services that you hear mentioned a lot, but you may be unsure what’s involved and why you might need one.

We know that a wheel alignment should be done every time we get new tyres fitted to our vehicle. However, most of us don’t think further than that. The fact is, it really doesn’t take much to knock a wheel out of alignment; it can happen if you clip the kerb or even just drive through a pothole.

At SVS Autocare, we take our wheel alignment service very seriously for two important reasons. Properly aligned wheels will not only save you money in the long-term, they will also keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

Here are some reasons why it might be time to book a wheel alignment in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast:


If you notice that your tyres are wearing unevenly, it could be that you need a wheel alignment. At the very least you may need your tyres rotated.

Premature or uneven tyre wear is a sure sign that the wheel alignment is off. You may notice this on the inside or outside edge.


This is another very sure sign of misaligned wheels. When you’re holding the steering wheel lightly on a straight stretch of road, your vehicle should continue to drive in a straight line. If it keeps wanting to pull to one side, it’s time to get it checked.


When your wheels are not aligned, or you have uneven wear on your tyres, you are likely to feel the steering wheel shaking and vibrating. Do not ignore this sign!


Using more fuel than usual? That’s another sign you need a wheel alignment. Misaligned wheels and steering cause more resistance, which will mean more time at the bowser.

Left unattended, a misaligned wheel can lead to bigger and more expensive problems with your steering and suspension. So, if you’ve noticed any of the above, call SVS Autocare now to book a wheel alignment on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane.