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Servicing your vehicle: When, How and Where?


Perhaps you’ve heard the expression: “everything is fine, until it’s not”
We don’t mean to neglect certain things in our life but with all the challenges and demands pulling us in different directions every day, it’s easy to take the things that are fine right now for granted. Our own health is an obvious example, postponing things like the dentist until we have a toothache severe enough to force us into that dentist’s chair. But by the time you realise something is wrong, it’s often progressed from minor inconvenience to major (and painful) expense. Your car is no different and while the temptation is to just keep driving while everything is fine, cars are extremely intricate machines with many parts and processes that, without diligent care, can go wrong in a big way.

This is where regular servicing comes in. Having your car examined by an expert who knows what potential trouble to look for while making sure all the fluids and such are freshened, can save you a lot of pain and money down the road. Car service is always preferable to car repair – don’t wait until the SRS light comes on or you start hearing strange noises while driving to bring it in.

So today we’re going to look at when you should have your car serviced and what type of service you need. Most importantly, we’re going to debunk a popular myth about where you need to go for your service.

When should you get your car serviced?

There are two ways to answer this question, one is in terms of time and the other is in terms of distance travelled by your car. Whether you go by months or kilometres, both measurements are relative to how your car is used and what the make and model is.

A rough rule of thumb says to get a service every six months or every 10-15 thousand kilometres, whichever comes first. But if your car sits in the garage six days a week and only goes to church on Sundays, it could take well over a year to get anywhere close to 10,000km. So is it safe to wait? A little, but not too much. Sure, there’d be very little wear and tear on your car that would need servicing but an unused vehicle can have its own issues. Certain fluids and components can still deteriorate over time and some issues can specifically come about through your car sitting inactive for long periods.
Conversely, intensive usage will have an impact too. Regular driving in heavy traffic with lots of stopping and starting can cause extra wear on brakes, while driving on dirt roads or even off-road can cause certain filters to need replacing earlier and your suspension can take an abnormal amount of punishment.
All of these factors can affect how frequently you’re bringing your car in for a service but if you have a vehicle that’s still under warranty, you’ll want to adhere to the service schedule laid out in the terms of that warranty.

What sort of service do you need?

There’s a distinction between a minor service and a major service, and alternating between the two can be a safe bet.
A minor service usually involves an oil and oil filter change, all fluids checked along with belts, lights, hoses, brakes, that kind of thing. It’s a basic once-over for your car.
A major service is much more comprehensive and takes longer, involving a deep investigation into the majority of your vehicle’s processes to inspect common areas of wear and tear, replace certain parts and identify any potential issues that may require further attention and work.

There’s also a very specific service for cars under warranty, and that’s a logbook service. This is a service set out by the manufacturer of your vehicle and is unique to your particular car. Routine logbook servicing is performed on the manufacturer’s terms and is essential for maintaining your warranty and being able to sell your car at the highest possible price. But there’s one particular term manufacturers set that isn’t as true as you might think it is.

Where do you get your service?

Manufacturers often say you have to return to them or their selected mechanic for your logbook service to be considered legitimate but this isn’t true. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) says you have the right to choose any mechanic who will do the service to the manufacturer’s standards. This is important because it’s often significantly cheaper to go to your local trusted mechanic rather than the dealership.

At SVS Autocare, while our master technicians are specialists with European cars, they’re skilled at servicing all makes and models in accordance with manufacturer standards. We’re even able to accommodate full fleet-car servicing. We have the latest diagnostic equipment, access to official and third-party replacement parts and most importantly, we’re dedicated to keeping drivers in our local Sunshine Coast community on the road, running smoothly, at the lowest possible cost.

So whether your vehicle is due for a minor service, a major one or a full logbook service at manufacturer standards, book in with the team that saves you money while still offering a five star service: SVS Autocare.

Click here to book your vehicle service

We can service your luxury campervan

Luxury Campervan
Luxury Campervan

Did you know that we can service your luxury campervan?

SVS Autocare are not only master technicians when it comes to European cars, we can also service, maintain and repair your Mercedes, Iveco, Fiat, Renault and VW campervan.

Campervans are the most luxurious way to travel and see Australia with the comforts of home.

But there is nothing luxurious OR fun about being stranded on the side of the road in the middle of your adventure. Murphy’s Law dictates this will happen when you are many kilometres away from any form of assistance and mobile mechanics will be limited in what they will be able to do on the spot to get you back on the road again.

Prevention is ALWAYS better than a cure!

Have your campervan inspected by the highly qualified team at SVS Autocare and they can carry out regular servicing as well as pre-holiday inspections to ensure your campervan is in great shape before you hit the road.

Click here to book your campervan in for a service or pre-holiday inspection.

Photo from Mercedes

Is your air conditioning running effectively?

Air Conditioning Auto Racing Car
Air Conditioning Auto Racing Car

There’s nothing worse than getting into an oven-like car that has been sitting in the hot sun for a few hours and going to crank up the air con to find… more hot air blowing at your face.

Now you are effectively in a fan-forced oven!

SVS Autocare can re-gas, repair and maintain the air conditioning system in your pride and joy so that you have reliable, cool air all Summer long.

Not only is the comfort factor a big reason why it’s important to keep on top of your air conditioning, but you will be compromising the efficiency of your system to even operate the longer that you leave it unserviced.

Even if the air coming out of your vents still keeps you cool enough, consider this – for every year you operate your car air conditioning without having it serviced, it will lose 5% of its efficiency. So when was the last time that you had your air conditioning serviced?

Was it three years ago? Five? If it’s the latter, the performance of your air conditioning is already being adversely affected, losing a quarter of its operating capacity and efficiency.

If you wait until it stops cooling, you increase the chance of additional damage and higher repair bills.

How does car air conditioning work? It is operated with the use of refrigerant, which works in a similar way to engine oil. It cools and lubricates the compressor. Just as you see overheating in an engine that doesn’t have regular oil replacements and top-ups, an air conditioning unit that is low on refrigerant will be damaged.

If you have already noticed your car air conditioning isn’t what it used to be, the refrigerant will be low, but it’s not too late to reverse this!

As with servicing your vehicle, regular checks and maintenance services mean our SVS Autocare technicians can detect small problems as they arise, preventing you for larger expenses when systems fail or larger problems affect the air conditioning.

Bring you vehicle into SVS Autocare for an air conditioning service and when you are proactive with ongoing check-ups, you can recover the lost efficiency and truly feel the difference in the warmer months.

Click here to book your vehicle in for an air conditioning service today!

Luxury BMW for sale

BMW X3 front
BMW X3 front

BMW X3 F25 XDrive 3.0 Petrol 2011, 140,000kms
$21,990 + on-road costs. Includes one-year warranty.
Available now

This is a beautiful example of a luxury BMW. Black leather interior, full panorama roof, dual zone climate air, ABS, ESC, 8 airbags, plus a number of safety and luxury features, which are listed below.

This is the desirable model to get in the X3 range with the reliable 3.0lt six-cylinder engine that delivers great power when you need it but still offers amazing fuel economy.

This vehicle has been through our workshop for a thorough mechanical/safety check, a full service, and fitted with a new set of Run Flat Tyres.

As a premiere European specialist workshop, we also offer a one-year warranty as standard but you have the option to upgrade to a substantial three-year warranty. We also offer our customers great savings on future service requirements.


  • Dual Front Airbags Package
  • Anti-Lock Braking
  • Auto Climate Control with Dual Temp Zones
  • 18 Inch Alloy Wheels
  • Brake Assist
  • Central Locking Remote Control
  • Cruise Control
  • Dynamic Stability
  • Control Dusk Sensing Headlights
  • Electronic Brake Force Distribution
  • Fog Lights – Front
  • Head Airbags
  • Hill Descent Control
  • Engine Immobiliser
  • Keyless Entry and Drive
  • Leather Steering Wheel
  • Leather Upholstery
  • Multi-Function Steering Wheel
  • Parking Distance Control Rear
  • Parking Distance Control Front
  • Power Front Seats
  • Power Mirrors
  • Power Steering
  • Power Windows
  • Radio CD with 6 Speakers

To find out more or to book a test drive from the Kunda Park workshop, contact Martin on 0404 474 426.

Luxury vehicles available to buy soon

Audi Automobile Automotive
Audi Automobile Automotive

Did you know that when our highly-trained technicians are not working on keeping your vehicles in tip-top shape, they are honing their skills on a range of high-end European cars?

SVS Autocare is preparing a variety of luxury cars that have been given the thorough SVS Autocare treatment and they will be available for sale in the near future.

Among the cars on offer are:

When you buy one of our vehicles, you know it has been brought back to tip-top shape with expert technicians taking care with every aspect of the car.

The vehicles are also covered under our three-month statutory warranty, so you know you are in good hands.

Contact us on 5456 4859 if you would like to find out more, or keep an eye on our Facebook page for sale listings when the cars are ready to find new homes.

Get rewarded for your referrals

Car Headlights
Car Headlights

Once you have experienced the SVS Autocare difference, it’s hard not to share it with your friends and family.

With the introduction of SVS Dollars, you can now be rewarded for becoming an SVS Autocare advocate.

For every person who contacts us to have their car serviced and mentions your name upon booking, you will receive 25 SVS Dollars.

Once our friendly staff have recorded a referral from your friend or relative, you will receive an email confirming you have accrued SVS Dollars and you can redeem them as a discount on your next regular vehicle service or to go towards any of our other available services, including our new custom Unitronic and HEX Tuning performance enhancing services.

If you want to begin accruing SVS Dollars, ask your friends and family to contact the office on 5456 4859 or book online here

Terms and conditions:

  • Only valid for referrals to new customers.
  • Cannot be used with bookings made through third party websites such as AutoGuru.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or specials.
  • Referees name must be given at the time of booking.
  • SVS Autocare will contact the referee via email to confirm when SVS Dollars have been added to their account on completion of work carried out as a result of their referral to a new client.

Performance tuning now available at SVS

asphalt automobile automotive
asphalt automobile automotive

If you are looking for more power and optimum performance without the need to pay for costly modifications, SVS Autocare has become a one-stop shop for all of your tuning needs.

Those who enjoy a spirited drive through the hinterland, or taking their car out for a spin on open track days can now have custom performance tuning with Unitronic and HEX Tuning systems now available at SVS Autocare for select European vehicles.

Not only are Unitronic and HEX Tuning system internationally renowned and respected, but they are also more cost effective than other brands available on the Australian market.

In the hands of our highly experienced and qualified staff, who love to get their hands on a vehicle performance enhancement project, you will be sure to see a real improvement to the horse power and torque availability.

The comprehensive testing done by Unitronic and HEX Tuning means that your vehicle does not need to undergo the unnecessary stress of a dyno tune following the reprogramming of your Engine Control Unit (ECU), which will keep more money in your pocket.

SVS Autocare also offers re-programming of automatic transmission systems to further enhance the delivery of your improved performance capabilities.

Turbo upgrades and other hardware additions are also available, and our master technicians will be able to guide you on the ideal combination to bring out the best performance in your vehicle while suiting your budget.

Unitronic systems can be used on Volkswagen (including Amarok), Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Porsche. These systems are engineered to maximise performance, while maintaining complete Original Equipment Manufacturer reliability.

HEX Tuning software is delivered as a proper “flash tune,” which means the data area within the ECU that is responsible for the power management and engine safety is re-calibrated to increase horsepower and torque without compromising long term reliability. HEX Tuning are market leaders in late model BMW, Mercedes AMG, McLaren, Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini and Porsche Software as well as many others.

To find out how SVS Autocare can maximise your vehicle’s performance, please call 5456 4859.

Are your brakes up to scratch?

Action Auto Racing
Action Auto Racing

This month, we’re all about brakes at SVS Autocare.

They are often something drivers take for granted… until they don’t function correctly.

Many a rear-end collision has occurred due to faulty brakes and it is a component of the car that can be difficult to inspect for yourself. This is why SVS Autocare ensure that every vehicle we service has their brakes thoroughly inspected so we can monitor how thick your brake pads are and recommend replacements as needed.

Of course, things like driving style and the make-up of the compounds in different makes and models of cars means the length of time brake pads last is very subjective, which is why it is also important for you to pay attention whenever you experience

  • Sponginess in the brake pedal
  • Vibration in the brake pedal
  • Squealing, grinding or scraping noises when the brakes are applied.

These are all signs that your brakes need attention and the sooner this is addressed, the safer you and your loved ones will be when travelling in your vehicle.

WIN this February with SVS Autocare

Book your car in for a service with us during the month of February and you will go into a draw for us to cover the costs of the labour for your next service to the value of $194.92.

Visit to book online, or contact our professional team on the Sunshine Coast on 5456 4859 or in Brisbane on 3891 3300 for a fast and efficient booking over the phone.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

4 Reasons for Booking a Wheel Alignment Service

Wheel Alignment Service
Wheel Alignment Service

Wheel alignment is one of those vehicle services that you hear mentioned a lot, but you may be unsure what’s involved and why you might need one.

We know that a wheel alignment should be done every time we get new tyres fitted to our vehicle. However, most of us don’t think further than that. The fact is, it really doesn’t take much to knock a wheel out of alignment; it can happen if you clip the kerb or even just drive through a pothole.

At SVS Autocare, we take our wheel alignment service very seriously for two important reasons. Properly aligned wheels will not only save you money in the long-term, they will also keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

Here are some reasons why it might be time to book a wheel alignment in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast:


If you notice that your tyres are wearing unevenly, it could be that you need a wheel alignment. At the very least you may need your tyres rotated.

Premature or uneven tyre wear is a sure sign that the wheel alignment is off. You may notice this on the inside or outside edge.


This is another very sure sign of misaligned wheels. When you’re holding the steering wheel lightly on a straight stretch of road, your vehicle should continue to drive in a straight line. If it keeps wanting to pull to one side, it’s time to get it checked.


When your wheels are not aligned, or you have uneven wear on your tyres, you are likely to feel the steering wheel shaking and vibrating. Do not ignore this sign!


Using more fuel than usual? That’s another sign you need a wheel alignment. Misaligned wheels and steering cause more resistance, which will mean more time at the bowser.

Left unattended, a misaligned wheel can lead to bigger and more expensive problems with your steering and suspension. So, if you’ve noticed any of the above, call SVS Autocare now to book a wheel alignment on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane.

Should Your Mechanic Provide A Free Courtesy Car?

free courtesy
free courtesy

When you take your car in for servicing or repairs, does your mechanic provide a free courtesy car? Sadly, many motorists will answer that question ‘no’.

Despite the fact that they are loyal, regular customers, who pay on time and recommend the mechanic to others, that doesn’t guarantee a courtesy car service. And we think that’s wrong. As drivers ourselves, we just expect some things to be a given.

Car Pick Up Service

For example, when we go the hairdresser, we expect a cup of coffee and magazines, right? We expect to be provided with a shopping trolley at the supermarket. When we entrust one of the most expensive purchases to a mechanic, we expect a free courtesy car.

You’d probably even settle for a car pick up service on the Sunshine Coast! You just don’t want to be left standing at the bus stop.

At SVS Autocare, there are certain things that we consider just part of the service. That includes a friendly, helpful voice on the phone when you call to book, a comfortable air-conditioned customer lounge should you choose to wait, and a free courtesy car or pick up. That’s a given.

Courtesy Car Service

We also believe that you deserve a guarantee on the work we do, and we wouldn’t dream of using anything but genuine quality parts and products on your car. It’s part of the service here; you could call it the SVS Autocare difference.

The fact is, we appreciate the fact that you have chosen us to care for your vehicle. We know you have chosen us because we are master technicians, and specialists in European vehicles. But we also know you’ve chosen us because we’ll always go that extra mile to ensure you are well looked after.

We know that after dropping your vehicle to us you have important things to do; supplying you with a free courtesy car is just our way of saying thank you.

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