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Regular Car Service and Other Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Maintained

When it comes to taking care of your vehicle, you’d want to do it as religiously and meticulously as possible so you can get the best possible performance out of it, and for longer. There are many different steps you can take to ensure this, whether on your own or with a professional car service. Here are some things you should be on the lookout for if you want to catch any signs of problems early, so that you can get them repaired as soon as possible.

Wash Your Car

No matter how good engine performance is, cars are still judged primarily based on their appearance. If you want to make a good and lasting impression rolling down the street in your vehicle, then you must make the effort to get it regularly cleaned. A simple car wash can do to take out the usual dirt and grime, but a more thorough detailing is probably in order for harder-to-remove stains on the inside.

Check Your Tires

Your tires are very important to your safety on the road. Make sure that they are in good condition before making your way to any destination. Keep good note of their tread depth as well as inflation to have an idea when it’s time for them to be replaced. You don’t want to get a busted tired out in the middle of the road, and worse, with none to spare.

Change Fluids Regularly

Under the hood, you should always remember to get your fluids and filters cleaned and changed regularly. These are integral elements to keep your car running, so if you don’t pay attention to them, it’s highly possible that your vehicle will suffer from wear and tear much sooner than it should. By keeping a keen eye out for this detail, you not only get to have a more enjoyable car ride thanks to a smooth performance, but also extend the vehicle’s service life.

Take to a Regular Car Service

The great thing about keeping a strict schedule for this is that you are able to guarantee that you keep your car in tiptop shape. Don’t just bring your car to any random centre, though. You must make sure that they can actually do work on the kind of car model you have. If you’re driving an Audi, for example, then it’s best that you take it to centres such as SVS Autocare that do offer quality Audi service in the Sunshine Coast. It’s the best way you can guarantee that your car will be getting the care (and parts) it rightfully deserves.


10 Tips to Keep Your Car Running (Almost) Forever.
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Sunshine Coast Car Service Pros Share 4 Ways to Extend Battery Life

Car batteries have an average lifespan of four to six years. Think back to how often you replace yours. If it’s every one to two years, that’s a ridiculously short amount of time for a car battery to last. Your Sunshine Coast car service professionals give you four practical tips to improve your car’s battery life and maximise the investment you get out of it. Read more “Sunshine Coast Car Service Pros Share 4 Ways to Extend Battery Life”

Sunshine Coast Service Centre Shares 4 Symptoms of a Brake Problem

The brakes are an essential system in your car. Faulty brakes put you at risk of an accident, so it’s critical to your car’s well-being—and yours—to always keep your brake system in good working condition. If you notice a problem with your brakes, it’s in your best interest to have the issue investigated by a Sunshine Coast Audi service technician sooner rather than later. Read more “Sunshine Coast Service Centre Shares 4 Symptoms of a Brake Problem”

Your Sunshine Coast Mechanic on 4 Ways You Could Be Killing Your Car

Vehicle maintenance is every car owner’s responsibility. Engine oil changes, fluid replacements, tire balancing–all these need to be done on a strict, regular basis. These, along with a few good driving habits, ensure that your vehicle serves you well. Take good care of your car and it will reward you with years of consistent and dependable service. With than in mind, your Sunshine Coast mechanic shares with you four ways that you could be affecting the lifespan of your car. Read more “Your Sunshine Coast Mechanic on 4 Ways You Could Be Killing Your Car”

Simple Tips for Maintaining Quality Auto Air Conditioning Performance

The last thing you’d want is for your auto air conditioning to suddenly conk out just when you need it most. Driving in a stuffy car, especially when you’re stuck in traffic, is definitely far from being ideal. This is why it is important for car owners to keep up with the maintenance of the car air-con. Here are some tips that could prove helpful in maintaining it so it can last for longer. Read more “Simple Tips for Maintaining Quality Auto Air Conditioning Performance”

Experience Top Car Performance for Longer with Proper Audi and Mercedes Service

If you’ve ever driven a European car like Audi or Mercedes Benz, you probably know how important regular maintenance service is to such a luxury vehicle. The car, in itself, is a major investment already, not only because it is imported, but more importantly because European brands are widely known for their topnotch quality. Read more “Experience Top Car Performance for Longer with Proper Audi and Mercedes Service”

How to Maintain Your Vehicle While Avoiding Hefty Car Service Bills

Service manual
Service manual

Many car owners are often frustrated by having to pay hefty bills whenever they visit their car service centres. It is, therefore, not unusual to find your monthly budget getting hindered by your car’s maintenance cost. Maintaining your old or new car can be a daunting task, yet it is necessary. Below are some vital tricks that could help you save some money the next time you go for car service in Sunshine Coast. Read more “How to Maintain Your Vehicle While Avoiding Hefty Car Service Bills”

Car Service Tips: Changing Oxygen Sensors to Improve Fuel Efficiency

Car Service Tips
Car Service Tips

Almost every driver understands the importance of having their car serviced after every 6 months. This is perceived as an efficient way of fixing minor problems before they become larger and more expensive to solve. Such services include changing the gear box fluids, changing the radiator fluids and hoses, appropriate oil changes as well as keeping tabs on brake pad wear. Read more “Car Service Tips: Changing Oxygen Sensors to Improve Fuel Efficiency”

Car Service Professionals Also Restore Your Headlights to Perfection

BMW vehicles
BMW vehicles

Much has been said about engine problems and chipped body paints, but car owners have experienced problems with their headlights as well. This is because headlight covers are usually the first parts of your vehicle that will show the effects of extreme weather conditions. Headlights could turn yellow or cloudy after a prolonged time of driving and parking in a way that exposes them directly to the sun. Read more “Car Service Professionals Also Restore Your Headlights to Perfection”

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As a former sales rep in the automotive industry, I’ve had the opportunity to visit over a thousand workshops between Brisbane and Bundaberg, including all of the major prestige dealerships. The SVS Autocare workshop is one of the most pristine …

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We have had a cars serviced with SVS Autocare several times and they are amazing!! From the moment you walk through the door, the service is fantastic and they go above and beyond what they have to. All of the …

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I’d like to thank the crew at SVS Autocare for their great service throughout the years. My car broke down last week and from the first second on the phone they were 100% professional and understanding to my needs as …

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A few months ago I had an issue with the timing chain on my Mercedes CLS. This immediately became a MAJOR problem when I received a quote from the local Mercedes dealer for over $19,000!!! As I was familiar with …

Natalee Nancarrow

I can’t speak highly enough of the service and workmanship of all at SVS. My experience began with a friendly, warm reception by the owners wife and staff. After a sympathetic ear, the owner / technician was summoned and came …

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Dear Catherine, Martin and the fabulous team at SVS, I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who had a hand in putting my Mitsubishi Pajero back on the road. After the months of drama and …


The service provided by SVS Autocare is secondary to none. All their staff are friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. They send regular reminders. They pick up our cars from work and drop them back before the end of the day or …

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