It’s easily done, forgetting to book in for a car service or worry about what happens in between, or at the time of the service and/or during maintenance. The good thing is that modern cars–such as Mercedes have inbuilt-maintenance reminder systems that warn you when your Mercedes is due for its service.

If you own a Mercedes that is relatively new, you can find the service indicator on your vehicle’s control panel. These systems use computer algorithms and systems to monitor the functioning of the engine by giving consideration to RPM, hours of operation, vehicle speed, outside air temperature, and cold starts. This is a fantastic system because it assists in the functioning and longevity of your car.

The reason scheduled routine maintenance plans are prepared is to:

  • Maintain your new car warranty – it is voided if you don’t comply with the service schedules,
  • Prolong the life of your car and maintain its performance; and
  • Preserve the on-sale value of your car.

Maintain Vehicle Warranty

You can easily invalidate the warranty offered by your vehicle’s manufacturer by failing to follow the recommended maintenance requirements. Such a scenario is not desirable since you may have to pay for certain costly repairs if the warranty is voided. A serious vehicle manufacturer like Mercedes provides service intervals for all its models; A, B, C, CLA, E, G, GLS, GLA, GLC, GLE, S, SL, SLK, AMG GT, Maybach, V, and AMG.

Prolong Vehicle Life and Enhance Performance

A typical Mercedes service covers inspection of the engine, brakes, wheels, vehicle underside, vehicle interior, boot, function test, inspections of front and rear ends etc. All these are meant to ensure optimal performance of your vehicle, reduce wear and tear, and prevent long-term damage. Indeed these services are more than just the oil change and quick lube you may have been accustomed to at the dealerships you visited, which you may have also paid for exorbitantly.

Dealers may deceive vehicle owners as to who can service their vehicles, however, a reputable Mercedes service centre on the Sunshine Coast, such as SVS Autocare, is fully capable of handling the complete maintenance needs that the manufacturer recommends without voiding your new car warranty.

Preserve Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Depreciation is an inevitable phenomenon in cars, but you can slow that process and even raise the resale value of your car by following the automotive maintenance schedule set by your vehicle manufacturer. If you intend to sell your car in the future, you may encounter a potential buyer who is uncompromising about maintenance. It is only when you provide a full vehicle service record that abides by the vehicle maker’s term that you will get a desirable price.


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