For premium carmakers like Mercedes-Benz, there have been some pretty amazing breakthroughs when it comes to vehicle safety. This means that drivers today have never been safer, and with even more innovations waiting on the sidelines, it is set to get even better. Here are several examples of the best new software that are designed to lower the chances of having a road accident.

Warning of Imminent Collision

Remember that a Mercedes service on the Sunshine Coast will ensure that everything is functioning correctly. If a driver is safe in the knowledge that their safety features are going to work, then they will have peace of mind while driving. Pre-Safe technology will warn the driver if there is imminent danger of an accident occurring. Ultimately, this software will also prepare the car for a crash by making sure the seatbelts are tight and by automatically closing the windows and the sunroof.

Brake Safety

If a vehicle senses that an accident is about to occur, then it automatically initiates 40 per cent braking power and alerts the driver. If the driver doesn’t respond to the signal, then it will begin 100 per cent braking power.

Night View Assist

This amazing Night View Assist Plus software utilises a unique camera and infrared beams. The driver can use the system to get a real-time view of a particularly dark road. This is terrific for avoiding animals or pedestrians in the dark.

Blind Spot Monitoring and Active Lane Assist

Blind Spot Monitoring is a system that takes out any blind spot and gives the driver the ability to detect vehicles alongside it that would have been otherwise missed.

The Lane Assist, on the other hand, can sense if you are drifting into other lanes and will send a message by making the steering wheel vibrate. It might even slightly apply the brakes on one side of the vehicle to bring it back in line slowly.

Adaptive Beam Assist

Adaptive Beam Assist uses an active real-time camera to scan the road ahead for other vehicles. Based on the information received by the car’s onboard computer, the system will do a calculation to maximise the headlight efficiency while avoiding creating glare to oncoming traffic.

With all of these safety features, it is important to have Mercedes service centres on Sunshine Coast to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Professional car service providers such as SVS Autocare are fully equipped to handle all sorts of issues with modern car makes and models.


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