Driving a car without sufficient air conditioning can be torture during some times of the year. When the temperatures are high, your auto AC becomes our best friend. It can be frustrating when it stops providing the comfort you expect. A faulty auto AC can be the result of any number of factors.

It will be easier to find mechanics on the Sunshine Coast to provide the solution when you know how to detect AC problems. For one, a defective compressor may be one reason your luxury car’s air conditioning is failing. It helps to develop a rudimentary grasp of how an AC compressor functions and what could be wrong.

compressor problems

How the AC Compressor Works

An AC compressor resembles a pump, and it is the core of the cooling system. When the system turns on, it compresses the refrigerant, resulting in high pressure and consequently, the temperature of the coolant. The compressor clutch is responsible for sending a signal to the compressor on when to start this process.

Any hindrance to this cycle means that the cooling is not taking place. In most instances, poor cooling is attributed to refrigerant issues. However, if the compressor has a problem, adding refrigerant is not going to solve it. An expert in auto air conditioning can carry out inspections to make certain that it’s the compressor with an issue.

Faulty Compressor Clutch

One problem with the AC compressor in your European car could be a defective clutch. A broken clutch won’t be able to communicate with the compressor. You can get a replacement from a mechanics Sunshine Coast to suit your luxury vehicle. Also, the compressor clutch may fail to engage due to a wiring problem, broken AC switch or bad fuse.


A compressor can also experience overheating problems. Exposing a car to extreme temperatures causes the internal winding to overheat. Inadequate voltage in the clutch will cause the same problem. An auto air conditioning Sunshine Coast professional can explain if there is a need to replace the clutch.


You may also notice an AC getting too noisy. Such a problem may arise from a bad pulley bearing. Overuse or underuse of an air conditioner can lead to wear and tear in some other components. When your car’s AC is not meeting cooling standards although the compressor fans are fine, the filters are clean, and all fuses are intact, the compressor could be the culprit.

After figuring that out, find mechanics on the Sunshine Coast with expertise in auto AC. Never let a problem go too long without fixing.


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