Buying a new car is a major decision and purchase. In order to maintain your new car in top condition and ensure it’s longevity, it is important to keep your car in good condition for as long as possible. New cars are covered for some items by the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty, and when you purchase your new car, you will receive a booklet detailing major services required as part of the warranty conditions.

The question is…Are you obliged to return the vehicle to the dealer from which we purchased it for these services?

The answer is NO

Trade Practices Act

Under the Trade Practices Act, a vehicle manufacturer or car dealership cannot insist you have your car serviced by a particular mechanic. You are free to choose where you have your vehicle serviced. Your warranty is not voided by taking your car elsewhere. However, a vehicle manufacturer can refuse a warranty claim if you have not kept up the recommended maintenance (or not kept your receipts or logbook as proof), or where inappropriate work has been carried out, or when a non-genuine replacement parts and or oils have caused damage to the vehicle.

  • SVS Autocare use genuine parts and oils for vehicle’s in new car warranty to ensure that the new car warranty remains intact. Should a warranty claim arise, all records are kept by SVS Autocare and they will happily liaise with the relevant dealership to organise warranty repairs if required.

Dealer servicing

Engines in modern vehicles are computerised and require electronic test equipment specific to that vehicle to find faults and to add software upgrades to overcome known issues. Test equipment is very expensive. SVS Autocare have the latest computerised equipment to complete new car servicing.

If you have a warranty claim, your vehicle must be taken to a dealer for warranty work, however, SVS Autocare can liaise with the dealership and if desired, present your vehicle for required work on your behalf.

Non-dealer servicing

Non-dealers such as SVS Autocare can service your vehicle, but cannot do work that is part of a warranty claim. While it is true that many original parts are more expensive, it is not in your interests to use non-genuine parts if your car in still in warranty as it may void your new car warranty. If your vehicle is still covered by warranty, the failure of a non-genuine part can leave you stuck with the vehicle manufacturer willing to accept responsibility for any resulting damage.

SVS Autocare would be happy to discuss any questions you may have in relation to servicing your new car. It’s an exciting time buying a new car, SVS Autocare aim to make your maintainence needs as enjoyable as possible.