Excessive oil consumption, smoke from tail pipe, low oil pressure and compression, tapping sounds or oil getting into the air cleaner are some of the typical symptoms of engine problems that are caused by poor maintenance. Maintenance costs might seem expensive, but when you focus on the implications brought about by neglecting regular car service to maintain your vehicle, you will end up having costly repairs consequently.  Here are ways to avoid common engine problems that could affect the quality of your car and put your road safety at risk.

Engine Overhaul

Engine overhaul is a repair problem you want to avoid. Rebuilding your engine means spending large amounts of money to get your vehicle back into full operation. Although this issue is rare, it is necessary to have experts check your car in good time. In most cases, engine overheating is the main cause of serious car damage. Letting your coolant level fall on a hot day, for instance, can lead to such a problem.

Regular Car Service

Dripping Fluids

When caught in time, leaking fluids can be corrected with ease. However, if it goes unnoticed, the delay can lead to high-cost repairs. If your vehicle has leaking transmission fluid, it could be a result of a worn seal. It’s important to have it checked immediately so that the problem can be addressed before it gets any worse.

Rough Running

If you notice a rough running engine when fast starting your car, you may have a head gasket failure. High mileage vehicles are, especially prone to rough running. To avoid this problem, observe regular maintenance. If you notice your engine oil looking milky, it could mean that a coolant is leaking into the oil system. Also, watch out for sweet smelling exhaust as this is another signal of major damage.

Dead Battery

It is not expensive to replace a combustion engine battery, but if you need a hybrid one, it could be very expensive to buy. Ideally, hybrid batteries are designed to last for long. As a vehicle owner, it is advisable to keep up with the maintenance schedule to ensure mechanical issues do not strain your battery more than necessary. Keeping your battery fine-tuned ensures your engine works normally. Also, it is important to keep the battery charged up to at least 40 percent.

If you have a luxury brand vehicle, you’d want to take care of it promptly and regularly all the more. Mercedes service centers serving Sunshine Coast, such as SVS Autocare can take care of your vehicle.

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