Your vehicle has brakes that allow you to halt safely even during emergencies. The moment your warning light comes on, you must contact your car service provider in Sunshine Coast immediately. Brakes are a major safety feature; you shouldn’t drive your car when they are not in the right condition. Normally, the light could simply mean the brakes need replacement soon, and it may also be a sign of leaking fluid, which is a more serious problem that requires immediate repair.

Worn Out Brake Pads

Due to low fluid levels, your brake pads could be worn out, causing the caliper piston to be pushed out of its housing. It is then moved to the brake pads, causing them to contact the rotor when the pedal is pushed. When this happens, the fluid level goes down over time. Your mechanic should replace the brake pads and top up the fluid to the maximum level. The fluid level tends to go down to the lowest mark when the pads wear. Before replacing the pads, however, the mechanic will first check if the brake fluid reservoir only needs to be topped off. Normally, the type of fluid your vehicle needs is always recommended in the owner’s manual or stamped on the top of the reservoir.

Check Brake Fluid

Leaking Brakes

If your fluid is leaking, your brakes may lose the power to stop the car, and this is an emergency that should be checked by an Audi service provider in Sunshine Coast immediately. The ABS fluid sensor detects the brake fluid levels present in the reservoir. It is necessary that this is monitored since the whole braking system, including the ABS, uses the fluid to operate correctly. Inspect your driveway to see if there are any fluid puddles. Look for a clear fluid that feels oily on your skin. You can check for signs of wet spots near the wheels and the bleeder valve on the calipers. The master cylinder is also prone to leaking and should be inspected. Your service provider should check the area where the master cylinder meets the firewall to see if there is bubbling or peeling of paint (fluid eats away paint).

When in need of expert car service, you have to make sure that you will go to the right service provider, preferably one that handles the specific type and brand of car you are driving.

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