Servicing your car is one of the essentials of keeping it in good working order for a long time. A car service should be done by a professional who understands what your vehicle needs. There are experts on the Sunshine Coast that can provide maintenance for different types of car.

If you have a European luxury vehicle, then you will want to make sure that experienced mechanics handle it. Car servicing is usually available in different kinds, and one of them is interim service. Before getting a car service, it’s good to know what is entailed and the best time to get it.

Car Maintenance

Why and When to Get a Car Service

An interim service is the care provided to a vehicle in-between an oil change and a full service. Experts recommend getting one after 15,000 kms or 6/12 months. Some manufacturers even provide a service schedule in the handbook provided with the car relating to when to get an interim service.

Just like a full service, an interim service can expose potential problems that may be creeping up. Getting an interim service for that Audi will prepare it to take on the next 6 months until it can get a full service.

Types of Checks

You may ask what happens during an interim service that doesn’t during an oil change or full service? Shouldn’t I just wait for the full service? Well, besides an oil change, an interim servicing will involve a few other checks. Although some car service centres may do more than others.

An interim Audi service on the Sunshine Coast may include an exhaust emission check. A mechanic will do fuel treatment, carbon offset checks, and brake efficiency. If you want to reduce the emissions from your car, a mechanic can do that for a fee.

Sunshine Coast mechanics will also check the condition of the tyres during an interim car service. If there is a need to make adjustments to the pressure, then they do it. There are also brake checks to guarantee that they are operable and in good condition.

An interim car service will also involve fluid checks and top ups if need be. You must be sure that your Audi has sufficient coolant, brake fluid, and clutch fluid to function optimally until the next inspections. Mechanics will also check for damages such as cracked mirrors or dents to the bodywork. Evaluating the security of the windscreen and rearview mirrors may also be included in the package.

Check with an Audi service to find out what inspections are included in an interim servicing package. If there are any specific checks you need, talk to your mechanic and come to an agreement.

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