As winter approaches, you’re probably starting to use your car’s air conditioning system less and less. Pretty soon, you may cease to use it altogether. Most car owners believe that they can forget about their AC system until the warm weather comes around again, but this kind of thinking could cause an AC system to decline to the point needing the services of a good Sunshine Coast mechanics. Here are some simple ways to ensure that your AC system will still be in tiptop condition once the cold season is over.

Let the AC system run for about ten minutes once every week

It’s important to continue using your vehicle’s AC throughout winter. This will maintain the gas pressure necessary to keep the compressor working properly. Try to run the system at least 10 minutes per week. Aside from keeping your AC in optimal condition, this can help ensure your windows don’t fog.

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Run defrost mode for a few minutes

By running your AC system in defrost mode for five to ten minutes, you clean out excessive moisture and prevent mildew from building up. This prevents unsavoury odours from developing in your car.

Recharge your air conditioning system

Your car loses a small portion of its refrigerant every time you use it, that’s why car manufacturers recommend that you recharge your AC system’s refrigerant every two years. When did you last have your system recharged? If it’s been that long, then it’s time to top up your AC system’s liquid parts. You can do this step if you have the tools and the know-how, otherwise let an expert handle it.

Get a full AC service from one of Sunshine Coast’s best mechanics

When you have your air conditioner inspected and serviced regularly, you keep it in good working condition all year round. Winter is the best time to have the servicing done. A little bit of AC maintenance during the cold season goes a long way toward keeping you cool next summer, so don’t forget to your local tire and service centre before the hottest months begin.

Sunshine Coast auto air conditioning experts such as SVS Autocare service air conditioners all year long. Give them a call to inquire about how they can provide your AC system with the quality maintenance it needs.


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