As much fun as summer can be, it can also take its toll on your luxury car. Most people make preparations for winter weather but forget about the summer. The heat and sunshine of this season can have different effects on our vehicle, not to mention the temperature drops in the evening.

Thus, it would be perfect to schedule a routine check from Sunshine Coast car service professionals just before summer or as short while after.  A mechanic will conduct inspections and provide tips on how to keep your Mercedes working perfectly during summer.

Regular Car Service

Wax Protection

One of the measures that a Mercedes service mechanic will take is to layer its exterior with wax. Depending on how high the temperatures get during the day, constant exposure to the summer heat can cause the paint to fade significantly. You wouldn’t want to get a new paint job on your Mercedes prematurely. If you drive a long distance daily, then the vehicle requires suitable protection from direct sunlight.

Checking Tyres

Tyres are susceptible to punctures when the roads are too hot. In fact, most cases of breakdown services during summer are from tyre punctures. It is also possible for the temperature shifts from day to night to cause fluctuations in the air pressure level. You must then ensure that the tyres on your Mercedes are suitably pressured to handle the summer heat.

During a routine car service, the mechanic will take a look at your tyres and do the necessary preparations. If they are too worn out to combat the summer heat, then they will replace them. After that, you will have to keep checking the pressure, maybe every week or so, to ensure that it doesn’t go below the recommended levels.

Inspecting AC and Coolant

Your car service for the summer should also include a check up on the air conditioning. You can’t afford a faulty AC during this time of year. A mechanic will troubleshoot for various AC issues and fix them if needed. The inspection will also include the coolant level, even though it is supposed to stay consistent between services.

Summer Care Tips

A mechanic on the Sunshine Coast will also give you tips like the importance of parking your Mercedes in shade. Alternatively, you can use tints on windows if your car has to be parked under the sun. A spotless windscreen is paramount but especially so during summer due to the sun’s glare. It is advisable as well to keep an eye on the fluid levels. Even after a thorough service, schedule fluid checks regularly.


Summer Car Maintenance Tips

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