Whenever the hot summer season hits the Sunshine Coast, your car’s air conditioner always plays a very important role in your comfort. If your car’s AC has ever conked out on you on a sweltering summer day, then you know the importance of maintaining your vehicle’s cooling system. But are you doing it right? Compare your car AC usage and habits with the expert-approved auto air conditioning tips listed below:

Pick a good, shaded spot to park

When finding a parking spot to park, don’t be lazy—prioritize finding a shaded spot over getting out of your car as soon as possible. You may not find one every time, but always be mindful of parking your car in the shade. This reduces the amount of work the AC needs to do when you get in the vehicle, as your car will already be cool inside.

Ventilate the cabin before entering

If a shaded parking spot is nowhere to be found, air out the cabin before getting in and turning on the AC. This means driving around for a bit with all your windows open. If you’re in an open parking lot, the 90-degree turns you make will allow for fresh air to enter your cabin while pushing the hot air out.

Start at low

Turning the AC on immediately at high settings can ‘shock’ the system and not give it time to adjust to the cold temperature. Take a tip from automatic AC systems and start in low mode, then increase the blower and temperature to your desired level after a few minutes.

Keep it in ‘inside air’ mode

When the AC has reached the ideal temperature levels, use the ‘inside air’ mode. In this mode, the AC system will recirculate the air inside the cabin instead of sucking in the warm air from outside. This way, the system will be using cooled air and will be doing less work than if it were to cool the air from outside to the same temperature levels.

These tips are designed to ensure your car AC’s optimal and long-term performance. You may have to sacrifice some of your initial comfort, but in the long run, the years of reliable service that your AC can provide you will make it all worthwhile. For problems with your car’s AC system, let the Sunshine Coast mechanics at good automotive shops like SVS Autocare help you.

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