More often than not, the condition of your car’s tyres is negligible, but sometimes, it can mean the difference between life and death. The entire car can be in tiptop shape, but if it’s equipped with badly worn or damaged tyres, its safety is severely compromised. This is especially true if you are prone to driving fast on a wet road or rough terrain.


Make it a point to check the condition of your tyres every time you head out of the garage. It only takes 30 seconds to one minute to check all of them, so be sure not to take this important safety step for granted.

Shallow tread depth

The shallower the tread, the more likely the tyres will lose traction. Without traction, a driver may lose control of his vehicle. Most tyre manufacturers recommend their tyres to be replaced when any portion reaches 2/32-inch tread depth.

Uneven wear

If your tyres have uneven wear patterns, such as a thinner tread on the outside than the inside, your car is likely in need of wheel alignment. This common Sunshine Coast car service maintenance job involves the adjustment of the car’s steering and suspension components, not just the tyres themselves.

Sidewall problems

Tyre sidewalls are less prone to wear and tear than the tread surfaces, but they can still sustain some serious problems. Ideally, tyre sidewalls should be smooth and consistent, with no bulges and any other form of distortion save for the text and logo built there by the manufacturer. If any of your tyres have these imperfections, those could indicate that your tyre is weakening, and will ultimately fail.


Tyre cracks are often caused by constantly overinflating or underinflating your tyres. Numerous small cracks anywhere on the tyre can result from age and exposure to the elements.

It is important to keep your tyres properly maintained. If you’re experiencing any of the tyre problems listed above, have a Sunshine Coast BMW service centre inspect your tyres. An experienced and knowledgeable car technician, such as the ones at SVS Autocare, will be able to diagnose the root cause of your tyre problems and recommend the best solutions for it.

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