Sunshine Coast and the rest of Queensland is certainly no stranger to extreme weather conditions such as torrential rain and flooding. Just recently in June, dozens of Brisbane roads become flooded, and plenty of cars were submerged in the process. So what do you do if floodwater finds its way into your car? Your Sunshine Coast BMW service experts recommend that you follow these steps:

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Don’t start the car

If the floodwaters reached your engine, water has probably penetrated it, and starting the engine could damage it beyond repair. Check the engine oil dipstick and confirm if water has entered your engine’s cylinders. If you see water droplets, then don’t attempt to start the engine. Instead, choose to have it towed once the floodwaters subside.

Check the air filter

If the engine oil dipstick isn’t conclusive, then the air filter will be. Remove the air filter and check to see if it is soaked in water. If it is, don’t try to start the engine at all costs. Have the vehicle towed to a reliable car repair shop. You can flush the engine and replace the oil yourself if you know a thing or two about car maintenance, but to ensure that the job is done right, better leave the task in the hands of a qualified car mechanic.

Dry the interior

Start drying out the car by removing every removable feature such as seats, door panels, and carpets, and placing them under the sun. Likewise, park the car under the sun with windows, hood and trunk open to dry it out.

Check all the other fluids

Aside from the engine oil, you will need to check your car’s other fluids for contamination as well, which includes the following:

  • Transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Coolant
  • Power steering fluid

Water in these systems can lead to a whole host of problems. Water in the brake system for instance, can result in loss of braking power. Meanwhile, a flooded transmission can lead to parts delamination and rust. Just like the oil in your engine, contaminated fluid systems need to be flushed, and their fluids replaced.

Car service in Sunshine Coast

To get your car performing the way it used to, you need to have it checked by a highly qualified mechanic. The master technicians at Sunshine Coast car service providers such as SVS Autocare can ensure your car is back into tiptop shape at the soonest time possible.

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