It doesn’t matter whether you own the average everyday run-about car or a premium vehicle designed for peak performance. If you neglect it, then you are going to end up with problems that will ultimately lead to a shorter life expectancy for the engine. While murdering your vehicle is, as yet, not a crime that comes with capital punishment, it does come with a punishment on your capital – such mistakes can be costly, but ultimately, also easily avoided.

Let’s face it; people want to enjoy their car rather than spend endless hours under the bonnet. Here are some of the major crimes people commit every day against their ‘loved one.’

When that Irritating Warning Light Comes On

We don’t need Hercule Poirot to inform us that a warning light means danger. It tells the driver to check the engine, and that is what should happen. So why is it that many car owners don’t? If your vehicle warning light has come on, then this is a cry for help, and it would be criminal to look the other way. At the very least it will impact fuel economy, and the worst case scenario may be devastating.

Fluid and Filters

These fluids and filters play an important part in protecting your engine, so they need to be checked on a regular basis. Premium cars will not be premium for very long with little or no oil flowing through the engine. Thankfully, you can go for a BMW service on the Sunshine Coast as part of any routine check, but don’t forget to have a look yourself from time to time.


When you check your tyres, make sure that you are not only examining the amount of tread left but also if they are underinflated or damaged. Tyres are the only part of your vehicles that touch the road, so a problem needs to be dealt with immediately.

Your Driving May Be Killing Your Vehicle

Whatever the driving conditions are, drivers should avoid being too aggressive and too fast. Driving smart will save on fuel bills and keep the engine healthy and safe.

Car care and maintenance isn’t the fun side of driving a Mercedes or BMW, but it is an important one. That’s where car maintenance centres such as SVS Autocare can help. With an experienced car service, all of the above problems can be dealt with, allowing the owner to get on with the fun side of getting behind the wheel of a premium motor.


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