If you’ve bought a European car, either new or used, the chances are you’re now looking for a European auto service center. Or you may be wondering if you can save money by going elsewhere, or back to the dealer.

Without a doubt, sourcing the right vehicle servicing for your make and wallet can be a challenge! It can also be confusing. Everybody tells you that they’re the best, or they can do it cheaper, or that you have to use them to protect your warranty.

It’s so confusing that many drivers end up leaving car repairs too long and then face a much higher bill.

European Car Service Sunshine Coast

Let’s try and clarify some of these points. To begin with, you don’t have to take your car back to the dealer you bought it from. Whatever they tell you about your warranty, you are protected by the law, and under that law, you can take your car to any authorised mechanic.

Then there’s the myth about older vehicles not needing the same care as new cars. When you think about it, your older vehicle has done many more kilometres and is likely to have worn parts. That means it needs regular servicing as much, if not more, than a new car!

Another confusing issue is whether you have to take your European vehicle for a specialised European car service. Legally, of course not; it’s your car so take it where you want.

European Auto Service Center

If you want the job done well for the best price, however, then a European auto service center is recommended. As they have the correct diagnostic tools they will find and fix the problem faster, thus saving you money. Why should you pay for someone else’s lack of knowledge?

Finally, can you book a European car service on the Sunshine Coast? Yes, you certainly can. SVS Autocare is a long-established and trusted European auto service center that not only offers servicing and repairs, but also air-conditioning servicing, brakes, wheel alignments and tyres, and vehicle performance enhancement.

Oh, they also work on non-European makes, too!