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There’s nothing worse than getting into an oven-like car that has been sitting in the hot sun for a few hours and going to crank up the air con to find… more hot air blowing at your face.

Now you are effectively in a fan-forced oven!

SVS Autocare can re-gas, repair and maintain the air conditioning system in your pride and joy so that you have reliable, cool air all Summer long.

Not only is the comfort factor a big reason why it’s important to keep on top of your air conditioning, but you will be compromising the efficiency of your system to even operate the longer that you leave it unserviced.

Even if the air coming out of your vents still keeps you cool enough, consider this – for every year you operate your car air conditioning without having it serviced, it will lose 5% of its efficiency. So when was the last time that you had your air conditioning serviced?

Was it three years ago? Five? If it’s the latter, the performance of your air conditioning is already being adversely affected, losing a quarter of its operating capacity and efficiency.

If you wait until it stops cooling, you increase the chance of additional damage and higher repair bills.

How does car air conditioning work? It is operated with the use of refrigerant, which works in a similar way to engine oil. It cools and lubricates the compressor. Just as you see overheating in an engine that doesn’t have regular oil replacements and top-ups, an air conditioning unit that is low on refrigerant will be damaged.

If you have already noticed your car air conditioning isn’t what it used to be, the refrigerant will be low, but it’s not too late to reverse this!

As with servicing your vehicle, regular checks and maintenance services mean our SVS Autocare technicians can detect small problems as they arise, preventing you for larger expenses when systems fail or larger problems affect the air conditioning.

Bring you vehicle into SVS Autocare for an air conditioning service and when you are proactive with ongoing check-ups, you can recover the lost efficiency and truly feel the difference in the warmer months.

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