The air conditioning system in your car is an essential part that performs the vital role of cooling the internal environment, which is critical for a comfortable journey. It is imperative that you keep it in perfect condition by having it serviced by experienced mechanics on the Sunshine Coast frequently to prevent it from malfunctioning. Moreover, regular servicing of your auto air conditioning system will ensure optimal performance of other parts such as air filters, evaporator, and condenser.

Auto Air Conditioning

How the Compressor Works

Your car’s air conditioning compressor is driven by the engine using a belt. Its function is to transport the refrigerant into the system. The refrigerant is subsequently sucked in as a gas at low pressure and then compressed to raise the temperature. From there, it is transferred to the condenser in the form of air with increased heat and force. The liquid becomes very cold as it leaves the condenser and returns to its natural gaseous state.

Effects of a Malfunctioning compressor

A damaged compressor often manifests in the form of leakage, development of noise in the engine, insufficient or no cooling performance, and showing an error code in the air conditioning control unit or the central control unit (engine). Possible causes of a malfunctioning compressor are highlighted below.

Low Refrigerant Levels

This is one of the most common reasons for an underperforming system. Low levels of the refrigerant are responsible for reduced efficiency of the air conditioner by causing excessive heat. Eventually, if neglected, the compressor breaks down. Low levels of the refrigerant are an indication of a possible leakage in the system that needs immediate repair; however, do not add the refrigerant before the leak is detected and repaired.

Blockage and Debris

It is important to check the condensing unit for possible debris and blockage frequently. For adequate airflow, it should be free from any debris and obstruction. Additionally, regular maintenance checkup will help in protecting the system from general wear and tear.

Other causes of a malfunctioning compressor include bearing damage, which is caused by wear or by a defective tensioner; mechanical damage to the compressor housing; and, faulty electrical control valve. Moreover, defective tension elements and ancillary units are the most technical causes that need immediate attention by professional mechanics.

No matter how expensive your vehicle might be, if the AC is not working, the occupants will not be comfortable. Therefore, immediate repair of the various components in its system should be done to avoid inconveniences. Regular maintenance services should be carried out to keep your car in good condition, and this is where experts in auto air conditioning on the Sunshine Coast come in handy.

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