Jo Miller


Jo Miller

Jo not only shares a surname with Carl, she also shares his passion for cars of all types, especially European performance cars. Joining SVS Autocare in 2010, Jo has been instrumental in strengthening the business and ensuring that her ethics of trust, honesty and integrity, are embedded in the daily operation of the business. Jo is passionate about having all customers of SVS AutoCare feel loved and she ensures her team go the extra mile to make this happen.

With a background in government, tertiary education and strategic planning both in the UK and Australia, Jo knows detail oriented processes like the back of her hand. This, coupled with her naturally enthusiastic and positive personality ensures the SVS Autocare team is incredibly organised and motivated to make the most of every day.

To her, SVS Autocare is not just another business, it’s a business with a difference and that difference can be felt from the moment you engage with SVS Autocare.

My favourite part of each day at SVS Autocare is catching up with our wonderful customers each time they visit for a service or repair, it’s always a pleasure to see them and treat them.

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